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Server Change? Probably Not

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There’s a good chance I’ll be moving Goodreads to a new server at the end of this week, or early next. I hope to do this with minimal interruption. But if you find GR isn’t resolving near this projected time, you’ll know why.

On second thought, probably not. I was doing research into this today and figured I’m probably safe where I am for now. The main thing is that I need to eliminate some of the mp3 files I’ve been offering. Look for less selection in the future, perhaps approaching nil over the long term.


Mr. Timothy

Server Change?

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There’s a good chance I’ll be moving Goodreads to a new server at the end of this week, or early next. I hope to do this with minimal interruption. But if you find GR isn’t resolving near this projected time, you’ll know why.

Goodreads Roundup 07w37-41 Roundup

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Goodreads Roundup for the past month or so

2007 week 37 (Sept 10 – 16)

1. Brown Clark Nonfiction Search Engine
What do Toronto blogger Joe Clark, Suicide Food, Nonfiction, and the new CBC Radio 1 show/podcast Search Engine have in common?

2. The President of 9/11 and the 9/11 of Britney
On the sixth anniversary everyone was talking about Britney Spear’s disastrous performance at the MTV Video awards. But the occasion also brings to mind Rudolph Giuliani’s exploitation of the events.

3. The Mediocrity of Music
…..Derivative of Pavement…. par l’Onion

4. Nature isn’t always cruel
A friendship between a monkey and a pigeon

2007 week 38 (Sept 17 – 23)

Police State
The US has some pretty fucked up shit going on with its over zealous ‘law-enforcement’.

2007 week 39 (Sept 24 – 30)

1. William Gibson roundup
Collection of Gibson related links, including my interview with him.

2. Speechless
This is all shake-your-head with incredulity stuff. More insanity from the USA.

3. Matador
Toronto wants to turn a potential heritage-site and neighborhood landmark into a 20-spot parking lot. The civic-pride swells.

4. Sheila Heti Interview
Ms. Heti comments and I respond.

2007 week 40 (Oct 1 – 7)

1. No Shit Sherlock
Like, who would have guessed that Leibeskind’s crystal would be hard to mount exhbitions within, and would raise the window-cleaning budget of the museum? In addition, who would have thought that all those windows, sloping at those angles, wouldn’t leak? Nor that kids would try to mount the ramps? And, to top it all off, this gem of elitist disdain: ‘One of our major bugbears was that William wanted everything open and accessible,’ says Janet Waddington, assistant curator of paleontology. ‘But you can’t do that – the Toronto public is extraordinarily destructive.’

2. One Laptop Per Child
The NY Time’s David Pogue reviews Negroponte’s ‘$100 Laptop’ designed to bring computation to the world’s masses.

3. A googolplex of megabytes
Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered twenty years ago; this from the official magazine details both that world, and in some ways, our present one.

4. The Creation of Life
The present has caught up with a Dutch novelist’s rather good book.

5. Stupid to the last drop
A review of a book with that title critical of Alberta’s oil industry.

6. As Filmed, As Shown
Two YouTube videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live of Mute Math’s peformance of their song ‘Typical’. It was filmed in reverse and shown forward.

2007 week 41 (Oct 8 – 14)

1. Félix Fénéeon 1861-1944
An article on the French writer.

2. More ‘art-world is too rich for its own good’ bitching.
The first half of this decade saw stories in the MSM complaining that art was too theoretical, and in this latter half, we are seeing stories complaining that the art world is too rich.

3. Which way is she spinning?
An optical illusion.

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I'm voting YES on October 10th

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Because I believe proportional representation would be a good thing. I also notice the complete lack of MSM coverage to inform the citizens that they are also voting in a referendum on October 10th, thus doing their jobs as political and corporate lackeys. Why would these traditional old-school ‘no new taxes’ ‘no funding for public transit’ ‘free trade is good trade’ politicos want the citizenry informed and thus threaten their cushy position of being able to take power with less than 50% of the public’s vote? No, MSM will not be doing the informing on this one.

Spread the word: voting reform will only pass if it gets a greater than 60% majority. This is what they’re counting on: that we will remain ignorant, vote no out of that ignorance, and thus keep the status quo.

From the host

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Dear Timothy,This email is in regards to the domain Saturday September 1st, 2007 from 7:30am to 8:30am (GMT -7:00) emergency power maintenance will be carried out in our data center. During this 1 hour maintenance window all services will be inaccessible for up to 1 hour. This includes all website and email access.

06w06:1 A Note about Goodreads for Yahoo subscribers

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A note about the mailing list: since the end of December there have been some problems getting the messages through anti-spam software. Specifically, Yahoo hasn’t allowed the last two messages through. There’s little I can do about this. You might want to try the RSS feed, or keep checking the website now and then. – Timothy

emailed by Timothy on Friday 10 February 2006 @ 6:22 PM

Make Poverty History

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Make Poverty History

Dear Timothy Comeau:

Thank you for supporting the Make Poverty History campaign. Your name has been
added to the ballooning list of supporters who have committed to the goals of
this campaign.

Now it’s time to make sure every person you know does the same. Poverty
eradication is possible, so let’s encourage hundreds of thousands of others to
get on board.

There is no time to lose. Please forward this message to everyone in your
address book.
Tell them to join with thousands of others across the planet to
once and for all make poverty history.

Thanks again. We’re excited to make poverty history? with you.

Liz Bernstein
and the MPH Campaign Team
tel 613.241.5293


Dear Friend,

Today, I became part of an unprecedented global call to action to end poverty:
Make Poverty History

Right now, there is active campaigning in over 50 countries around the three
core demands: More and Better Aid, Make Trade Fair, and Cancel the Debt. In
Canada, we’re also campaigning to End Child Poverty in Canada.

You’ve just got to be a part of this campaign.

Go to and sign on to the campaign yourself.

There is no time to lose. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, your voice is
*critical* to the success of this campaign. This is a rare chance to join me and
thousands of others across the planet to once and for all make poverty history.

What are you waiting for? Join me and click in!

Timothy Comeau

What you can do right *now*:

* Sign on to the campaign
* Tell Paul Martin to commit to a timeline for 0.7%
* Click others into action – forward this message to your networks

/”If everyone who wants to see an end to poverty, hunger and suffering speaks
out, then the noise will be deafening. Politicians will have to listen.”/
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

emailed by Timothy on Tuesday 07 June 2005 @ 10:35 PM