Special Content

(07w40:3) The World of Star Trek The Next Generation from Issue 1 of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine
(07w17:1) Manuel De Landa on Deleuze (YouTube compilation)
(07w17:1) Adam Curtis’ The Trap added to his compilation page
(07w17:1) Fredric Jameson Lecture (YouTube compilation)
(07w17:1) Why We Fight (YouTube compilation)
(07w09:1) Chomsky & Foucault’s 1971 debate
(07w09:1) Noam Chomsky’s 1988 Massey Lectures, Necessary Illusions
(07w09:1) Nadja Sayej on Poster Art
(06w47:1) Transcript of CBC Ideas episode Economics and Social Justice
(06w38:1) L.H. Lafontaine’s Address to the Electors of Terrebonne
(06w36:2) Adam Curtis’s The Century of the Self and The Power of Nightmares from Google Video
(06w36:1) A compilation of Stephen Colbert videos from YouTube
(06w26:1) A compilation of UFO-related videos from YouTube and Google Video
(06w21:1) Norman Wirzba’s Forgetting the Soil, a presentation at a symposium in June 2004
(05w47:1) Darren O’Donnell’s Toronto the teenager: why we need a Children’s Council
(05w29:1) Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter’s presentation on their book, The Rebel Sell
(05w14:3) Tim Clark on the rise of Foucault quotes in Canada
(05w10:5) Emily Vey Duke on Art, Empathy, and the Greater Good, March 2005
(05w10:4) Ex-Lefties and Suicide-Site Guide to the City; a discussion, March 2005
(05w10:2) Michael Ignatieff’s Speech to the Liberal Convention, March 2005 (audio transcript)
(05w08:4) Kevin Temple on the proposed changes to the Canada Council
(05w08:3) Charles Taylor’s Religion and Violence
(05w02:1) Reid Cooper on Roadsworth
(04w49:3) Charles Taylor’s An End to Mediational Epistemology
(04w46:2) AA Bronson’s The Humiliation of the Bureaucrat
(04w46:2) Andy Paterson’s Preface to Money Value Art
(04w37:2) Timothy B. Brown’s Canada in the 24th Century
(04w23:2) An excerpt from Greg Bear’s Slant
(04w18:4) Nicholas Bourriaud’s ‘Islets’ and Utopia
(04w16:1) Dennis Young’s About Painting


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