I'm voting YES on October 10th

by timothy. 0 Comments

Because I believe proportional representation would be a good thing. I also notice the complete lack of MSM coverage to inform the citizens that they are also voting in a referendum on October 10th, thus doing their jobs as political and corporate lackeys. Why would these traditional old-school ‘no new taxes’ ‘no funding for public transit’ ‘free trade is good trade’ politicos want the citizenry informed and thus threaten their cushy position of being able to take power with less than 50% of the public’s vote? No, MSM will not be doing the informing on this one.

Spread the word: voting reform will only pass if it gets a greater than 60% majority. This is what they’re counting on: that we will remain ignorant, vote no out of that ignorance, and thus keep the status quo.


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