07w38:1 Police State

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Arrested for asking the wrong question in the land of the free.

And the home of the brave. Why did the other students just watch? What ever happened to that good old ‘my fellow Americans, let’s roll’?

Why did John Kerry let it happen?

‘I was grabbed and thrown in U.S. jail for crossing road’
A distinguished British historian claims he was knocked to the ground by an American policeman before being arrested and spending eight hours in jail – all because he crossed the road in the wrong place.
From Boing Boing 29 August 2007:

Moment of TSA surrealist zen @ LAX: Xeni
I flew from JFK to LAX today, and something really weird happened when I arrived (at about 230PM local time).I walked from the arrival gate towards baggage claim, and when I was about halfway there, all of a sudden about a dozen or more TSA personnel and private security staff appeared, shouting STOP WHERE YOU ARE. FREEZE. DO NOT MOVE. Not just at me, but all of the travelers who happened to be wandering through the hallway at that moment.


From Boing Boing 1 September 2007:

Papers Please: Arrested at Circuit City for refusing to show ID, receipt
Boing Boing reader Michael Amor Righi says, “Today I was arrested by the Brooklyn, Ohio police department. It all started when I refused to show my receipt to the loss prevention employee at Circuit City, and it ended when a police officer arrested me for refusing to provide my driver’s license.”

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