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Thank you Hollywood for teaching the world how to make patriotic propaganda videos. The war is more fun with internet. I found out about this via Metafilter where these comments to this link were posted:

Not to sound like I hate freedom(tm), but I love how much more well-reasoned this sounds than American propaganda.
posted by borkingchikapa at 10:16 AM PST on December 15

A new era of Adobe Premiere Propaganda?

This is pretty fascinating. Instead of having leaflets dropped on my head and watching state TV, I am choosing to watch propaganda to satisfy my curiosity, and it’s so easy to do. I imagine there’s probably around four Kevin-Bacon links between the author, the journalist and me. Yay internet. That being said, the video’s pretty standard stuff. It makes a good contrast with the scared-rat untranslated blurry badly lit masked man type videos the individual groups have been putting out so far.

About time they hired a ‘marketing board’.
posted by anthill at 10:29 AM PST on December 15

I agree, with you both. It’s reasoned, rational and contrasts strongly to some of the recent comments I have heard from US army commanders: Fallujah being a “Nest of Vipers” etc. It is a bit surreal hearing a Midlands accent in those circumstances… and it would be very easy to string together using stock footage without every having been near Iraq… …must watch what I say before Homeland Security starts following people home from the Mosque in Wolverhampton.
posted by fingerbang at 10:30 AM PST on December 15


A Message From The Iraq Resistance | The Iraqi Resistance
“And to George W. Bush, we say, ‘You have asked us to ‘Bring it on’’, and so have we. Like never expected. Have you another challenge?'”
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