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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 40 number 4 (i loathe america)

My website tracking is showing me that Margaret Drabble’s “I Loath America” is currently a hot search, so I figure I might as well bring this one off the archive’s shelf. Written in May 2003, it comes to us from the salad days of the Gulf War II: The Son’s Revenge. Perhaps the search has something to do with the fact that Margaret Drabble will be interviewed onstage October 30th during the Harbourfront Centre’s International Festival of Authors.
By the way, I did catch the bug in the posting I sent out earlier this week; the link broke due to a bug in the program I’m using to send out these postings, one that I can’t do anything about except to be vigilant. So apologies for that, but what I’d like to say that all of these postings go up on the goodreads website, which I do have control over, and since I usually find the problems very quickly, there you can find spelling mistakes caught, problems fixed, and an eye pleasing design, all available for the low low cost of clicking on the link below. – Timothy

I loathe America, and what it has done to the rest of the world | Margaret Drabble
“I can hardly bear to see the faces of Bush and Rumsfeld, or to watch their posturing body language, or to hear their self-satisfied and incoherent platitudes. The liberal press here has done its best to make them appear ridiculous, but these two men are not funny. […] America is one of the few countries in the world that executes minors. Well, it doesn’t really execute them – it just keeps them in jail for years and years until they are old enough to execute, and then it executes them. It administers drugs to mentally disturbed prisoners on Death Row until they are back in their right mind, and then it executes them, too. They call this justice and the rule of law. America is holding more than 600 people in detention in Guantanamo Bay, indefinitely, and it may well hold them there for ever. Guantanamo Bay has become the Bastille of America. They call this serving the cause of democracy and freedom. ”

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