04w38:2 Creative Bush Craziness x2

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 38 number 2 (creative bush craziness x2)

The thing about running a mailing list is that people hate spam. So ISP’s and servers go through all this effort to help reduce the efforts of American and African businesspeople. Which means that sometimes your messages to friends and family and people who want on your list just don’t get through. Running a list means that you also sometimes have “problems with the server” as technical people working with the machines between you and the recipient try to deal with issues surrounding spam. Not that I’m saying this is spam nor that the problems were my fault! (Goodreads does not what to be considered synonymous with faux-meat products so please take advantage of the link to unsubscribe in each message if you would rather not get these anymore). So yesterday, I had “problems with the server” and I’ve been told it’s been fixed, and which means that some of you (I think) are getting this for the first time while others are getting it twice, only this note is new. But the one below isn’t:
Both these posts come via Mark Federman’s What is the Message? weblog at the U of T McLuhan Centre. – Timothy

Bush vs. Jesus | Mad Magazine
What if W was runnin’ against his homeboy in the sky?

George Bush sings ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ | rx
the ironic joys of sampling

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