04w34:1 All Your Base Are Belong to U.S.

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 34 number 1 (all your base are belong to U.S.)


Inside Al-Qaeda’s Hard Drive | Alan Cullison
“Like the early Russian anarchists who wrote some of the most persuasive tracts on the uses of terror, al-Qaeda understood that its attacks would not lead to a quick collapse of the great powers. Rather, its aim was to tempt the powers to strike back in a way that would create sympathy for the terrorists. Al-Qaeda has so far gained little from the ground war in Afghanistan; the conflict in Iraq, closer to the center of the Arab world, is potentially more fruitful. As Arab resentment against the United States spreads, al-Qaeda may look less like a tightly knit terror group and more like a mass movement. And as the group develops synergy in working with other groups branded by the United States as enemies (in Iraq, the Israeli-occupied territories, Kashmir, the Mindanao Peninsula, and Chechnya, to name a few places), one wonders if the United States is indeed playing the role written for it on the computer.”

War of the worlds | Giles Foden
“In October last year [2001], an item appeared on an authoritative Russian studies website that soon had the science-fiction community buzzing with speculative excitement. It asserted that Isaac Asimov’s 1951 classic Foundation was translated into Arabic under the title ‘al-Qaida’. […] The Arabic word qaida – ordinarily meaning ‘base’ or ‘foundation’ – is also used for ‘groundwork’ and ‘basis’.” Article date: 24 August 2002

All you base are belong to us | various – compilation
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