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06w37:1 John Ralston Saul at Couchiching

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Last month John Ralston Saul gave the keynote address at the Couchiching Conference held in Orillia Ontario. The theme of the conference was progress, the talks and presentations organized under its title of ‘Wedded to Progress: For Better, For Worse’. It ran from August 10-13, and Saul delivered this talk on Sunday August 13th the title of which is ”Rediscovering the Sense of Action and Leadership’.

It is available through the following two files: the first, m4a, is encoded in Apple’s AAC format and has the advantage of being indexed into chapters. The second mp3 is chapterless, yet available incase your system won’t play the AAC file. -Timothy


Rediscovering the Sense of Action and Leadership | John Ralston Saul
m4a file is 55.2 MB; mp3 file is 53.5 MB; talk runs 1hr56min. Introduced by Pamela Wallin; JRS begin at 7:38min ; question period moderated by Wallin and begins at 1:15:54

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