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08w10:2 Nullos

by timothy. 1 Comment

I learned about Nullos through this Reddit link (included for its comment thread):

It linked to a copy of this article (itself pretty graphic):

Interview with a Nullo

And the thread has link to these images (NSFW, graphic, I warned you):

This one being the most remarkable (a living Ken Doll):

And testimony from some anonymous who wants to have it done:

“Where do I begin? Well I am 20 years old and I have a very strong desire to become a nullo. Preferably a genital nullo, which means Removal of the genitals and relocation of the urethra. Leaving a smooth surface. some people refer to people who have genital nullo as “smoothies”! This desire started when I was a child and only progressed when I went into my teen years. I remember perfectly when I was about 8, how I would look at my penis and testicles and pretend there was nothing there. I never thought about cutting it off or a preferred term, surgical removal. Because at age 8, I just pretended that it wasn’t there. Several years pass and I turn 13. By then I have hit puberty and I am getting normal erections.”