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08w27:2 Max Tegmark

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The summary, as I’ve understood it.

‘if 2 + 2 =4 and that means the same things as two plus two equals four or deux et deux egale a quatre then the equation points to something independent of the symbols we use to represent it, and further, it represents patterns independent of the language and symbology of human beings.

Contrast this with Richard Rorty’s claims (as I understand them) that it is precisely this use of symbolic language which suggests there is nothing inherent in the Universe – no underlying Truth or nature. For Rorty, 2 + 2 = 4 is only true for those of us who understand what those symbols mean. In other words, it’s a quirk of our mind to assume that just because we recognize a relationship/pattern and use words to describe it, doesn’t mean it actually exists independent of our minds. Like, we recognize ‘fingers’ and have words in each language to describe them, but absent human beings human fingers would not exist.

Thus, absent human beings, a universe described by human math would not exist either. – Timothy

Is the Universe Actually Made of Math?

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08w03:3 A brain floating in space on a midwinter's day

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Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs? | Dennis Overbye
“It could be the weirdest and most embarrassing prediction in the history of cosmology, if not science. If true, it would mean that you yourself reading this article are more likely to be some momentary fluctuation in a field of matter and energy out in space than a person with a real past born through billions of years of evolution in an orderly star-spangled cosmos. Your memories and the world you think you see around you are illusions.”

04w52:2 The Elegant Universe

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 52 number 2 (The Elegant Universe)
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The Elegant Universe | PBS
“To view any part of this three-hour mini-series, choose an episode from one of the three columns below and select either QuickTime (full-screen option available) or RealVideo to begin watching. Each hour-long episode is divided into eight chapters.”

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