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So the barnacles of imagination grew on the Goodreads.ca homepage design until one day about a month or so ago I saw it and thought, ‘this is way too busy’. And then, on my trip, in rural dial-up 800 x 600 screen resolution land, I noticed how it wouldn’t format properly. Here I’d been a city boy, assuming that a) no one in the rural country sees my site anyway (effectively true at least) and b) everyone must be on 1024 x 768 by now. Thirdly, since 2002 August has been my month for webdesign. This August has been no exception. Goodreads.ca has a new cleaner look and implementation. The back-catalogue for 2004 is still being brought over, but will be all there soon enough.
Just thought you should know – Timothy

A sight for sore eyes | Christian Schüle
“There must be good reasons when gallerists start talking about miracles and proclaiming Leipzig as the world’s art capital. There must be more to it that the hustle and bustle of the art market when American collectors learjet over to Leipzig to plough through studios and galleries. Something major must have happened if suddenly thousands of dollars changing hands for the offerings of third year students. What’s going on in Leipzig at the moment is prosaic, gobsmacking, and obvious at the same time. And it happened like this.”

Making a living turned into a fine art | Sunanda Creagh
“The most common complaints from artists is that they are forced to sit through unnecessary resume writing sessions and pressured to take work in non-art-related fields. […]The main problem, according the the National Association for the Visual Arts, is that Centrelink does not regard being an artist as a proper career choice. ‘In the first place, it needs to be recognised that being an artist is a legitimate profession, that trying to secure income using artistic skills is a fair enough thing,’ says Tamara Winikoff, the association’s executive director. ‘That’s not well recognised by Centrelink.’ Putting artists, many of them university educated, through resume writing sessions is not targeted training, says Winikoff.”

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