04w53:1 Presentations on Human Nature

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 53 number 1 (Presentations on Human Nature)
This issue of Good Reads provides links to three audio presentations, recorded at the Pop!Tech 2004 convention held in Camden, Maine, October 21-23, 2004. They are all provided by IT Conversations and are available to stream or download on the site. – Timothy

Human Nature | Malcolm Gladwell
“Malcolm explores why we can’t trust people’s opinions — because we don’t have the language to express our feelings. His examples include the story of New Coke and how Coke’s market research misled them, and the development of Herman-Miller’s Aeron chair, the best-selling chair in the history of office chairs, which succeeded in spite of research that suggested it would fail. […]This presentation is one of many from the IT Conversations archives of Pop!Tech 2004 held in Camden, Maine, October 21-23, 2004.[runtime: 00:30:18, 13.9 mb, recorded 2004-10-21]” Related: http://www.businessinteriors.ca/products/seating/herman_miller_aeron.htm

Frans de Waal | Human Nature
“Frans de Waal tries to convince us that we’re all apes and that there’s little difference between us except that we walk on two legs. At first you think he’s joking. Perhaps not. A global ethologist and zoologist, de Waal is best known for his work on the social intelligence of primates. He thinks that if we ignore the importance of power struggles in the study of human nature, we’re making a big mistake. In his talk, he draws constant parallels between primate and human behavior and uses politicians as examples, including visuals of where aggression can also be used for reconciliation and how it plays a positive role, not just in politics, but in business and our social lives. [runtime: 00:30:36, 14 mb, recorded 2004-10-21]”

Joel Garreau | Human Nature
“‘Are we fundamentally changing human nature in our lifetime?’ Joel Garreau thinks that yes we will be…over the next twenty years. What’s driving this? He goes into great depth on Moore’s Law and later on, Metcalfe’s Law, which he received brownie points from Bob at the end of his session. He talks about technologies, how they are now aimed inward and gives a number of s curve examples.
[runtime: 00:49:23, 22.6 mb, recorded 2004-10-21] “

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