09w20:1 Shakespeare's Blog Part XV

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May 10th
In fair spring weather he comes to say how faithless lovely boys can be. This one (Pip he calls him) that had all his heart has treacherously gone over to my lord T, drawn by some pretty bauble. But, I tell him, loving is all fear: from loving to losing is but he change of a letter.

-Aye, with women too, he says. Merrylegs all. Your own doxy is only a unicorn for her colour.

-Meaning? (A great fear blew in upon me).

-We in Europe cannot govern what a woman shall do, any more than a boy. The Grand Turk locks her up in is seraglio, eunuchs armfolding portily before the portal. We cannot.

-Your particular meaning?

-I thought I saw your Dick Burbage in a carriage with her. She cannot wash off that colour. Veiled, but a brown arm taking a posy from a flowerseller.

-This is a trick to make me jealous and angry. (I have de flowers on me; I cannot see dee today den.)

-Is she your wife? Have you claims on her?

-I give the false bitch money.

-My money that would be, in a manner. Well. But there is no signing of any indenture.

(Anthony Burgess, Nothing Like The Sun, p.153-154)

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