08w44:2 Our Racist National Columnists

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Fire Margaret Wente (and Dick Pound) Facebook group
As of November 1 2008: 2560 members

Fire Margaret Wente Facebook Group
As of November 1 2008: 104 members

Stand up for Margaret Wente Facebook group
(started by the National Post‘s Jonathan Kay)
As of November 1 2008: 209 members

Considering the support to fire Wente for what she wrote, there really should be a Facebook group to Fire Jonathan Kay for what he wrote on September 23rd:

It so happens that the very day the Deschamps Doctrine was announced on the HRT Web site, I received my review copy of A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada — in which left-wing Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul argues that Canada is ‘a Métis civilization’ that owes all it has (except for the nasty racist bits, of course) to ‘Aboriginal inspiration.’ The question of how, exactly, a bunch of warring, pre-literate aboriginal hunter-gatherer societies could claim credit for the creation of a modern, democratic, capitalist, industrial powerhouse built entirely in a European image is one that, alas, I must leave for others. That’s because I could not get past Saul’s ridiculous introduction.

Also, from the topic page (Wab Kinew of CBC radio on Wente and Pound) from ‘Fire Margaret Wente’; an report for CBC radio here by Wab Kinew.

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