08w32:3 They're both assholes

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Marina Hyde opens her piece with the fatuous traditional proclamation made by the IOC President calling for world peace. On the day of the opening ceremonies, Russia and Georgia engage in open conflict which leaves 1500 dead. Meanwhile, self-righteous Westeners stage Tienanmen Square protests against Chinese human right abuses while the United States continues its illegal occupation of a certain country and maintains that little get away spot in Cuba. (here, here, and here; apparently it’s far easier to protest a culture you don’t understand than it is to protest the one you do).

Is there not an ancient Chinese curse that goes, ‘may you live in interesting times’? – Timothy

These two appalling sets of old waxworks utterly deserve each other | Marina Hyde
“By the time you read this, world peace should have broken out. It should have broken out at precisely 8.08pm Beijing time yesterday, because International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge has made his traditional plea for a worldwide military truce for the duration of the games. Yet on the offchance that the Taliban are not laying in supplies of popcorn and preparing for a fortnight on the sofa, and US and British soldiers are not garlanding their tanks with flowers, now might be the time to question the IOC’s preposterously idealised version of itself. There’s nothing wrong with calling for world peace, of course – beauty queens do it all the time. But you do need to follow it up with something special in the swimsuit round, and one can’t help feeling that the more of itself the IOC bares, the more hideous it appears. “

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