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I was happy to hear on the radio this morning that Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize, which has acquired a notoriety for sometimes missing it’s mark. The link to the MIT lecture below was included in Goodreads 05w51:1 (which I sent out on Christmas Eve), and at the time I noted he was one of the most inspiring individuals I’d ever learned about. The Peace Prize is a well deserved honour.

On a coincidental but related note, tonight’s Ideas on CBC features Avi Lewis in conversation with Pier Luigi Sacco, and the write-up on the Ideas site reads: ‘Pier Luigi Sacco teaches the economics of culture in Venice. He’s interested in concepts of post-industrial economics, co-operative enterprise and game theory. In a discussion recorded in Vancouver, he and social commentator Avi Lewis, talk about changing theories of economics as key to narrowing the gap between rich and poor.’ Ideas is on CBC Radio 1 at 9pm local, or can be streamed online from a location during times where it is 9pm local.


Ending Global Poverty | Muhammad Yunus at MIT

Muhammad Yunus Google Video Compilation |
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