06w39:2 The Response to the Clinton Interview

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I learned about this Keith Olberman commentary on last weekend’s Clinton Fox News interview from Metafilter, and in the comments to the posting there one asks, ‘Why isn’t this man on NBC Nightly News instead of this cable network?’ (MSNBC). Of course, that question is a little irrelevant in the age of YouTube.

The interview, Olberman’s commentary, and The Daily Show’s take on the whole matter at the link below. (Prompted to be compiled as a Goodreads immediatement because of Olberman’s awesomness).


The Fox News Interview | Chris Wallace, Bill Clinton, Keith Olberman and Jon Stewart
(YouTube compilation)

Olberman Commentary also at Crooks & Liars and at MSNBC | The Daily Show’s commentary also at Crooks & Liars

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