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CBC’s Ideas launched a podcast over the summer, and it’s updated each Monday. Today’s podcast episode is ‘The Ideas of Theodore Dalrymple’, which was first broadcast on September 11th and which I highly recommend. Dalrymple’s articles have been made good reads in the past, and he’s been called a ‘mega-snob’ by some, merely a ‘compassionate conservative’ by others, but I think these are just ad-hominem attacks, made by people who probably don’t know what an ad-hominem attack is. That is of course, if you consider being called conservative an insult. I really enjoyed listening to Dalrymple, since he combines firmness of opinion with a taste for the absurdist humour of what he’s experienced. A direct link to the mp3 is below.

The other link is to the CBC Ideas podcast page, where you can see their upcoming schedule to the end of December, and download their previous episodes, the three part series on organic foods (which was also really good). – Timothy


The Ideas of Theodore Dalrymple | CBC The Best of Ideas Podcast
“Is British society Western civilization’s ‘canary in the mine’? A British psychiatrist and writer traces the descent of a culture towards wanton self-destructiveness and alerts us to the new face of barbarism.”
Mp3 File: 24.1 MB, 52.34min

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