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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 11 number 5 (More in the world of printers)


Inkjet Printers Offer Biology Breakthrough | Emily C Kumler
“If you think injecting ink into a printer cartridge might damage your printer, try filling it with animal cells. That’s what they’re doing at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, these days. In the name of science, researchers have developed a way to print sheets of solid animal tissue by filling Hewlett-Packard and Canon inkjet cartridges with animal cells, or ‘bio-ink.'”

When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet | David Bernstein
“But the sushi made by Mr. Cantu, the 28-year-old executive chef at Moto in Chicago, often contains no fish. It is prepared on a Canon i560 inkjet printer rather than a cutting board. He prints images of maki on pieces of edible paper made of soybeans and cornstarch, using organic, food-based inks of his own concoction. He then flavors the back of the paper, which is ordinarily used to put images onto birthday cakes, with powdered soy and seaweed seasonings.”NOTE: New York Times article, a followup to the inkjet-food article, courtesy of Chris Hand

New machines could turn homes into small factories | University of Bath
“Research by engineers at the University of Bath could transform the manufacture of almost all everyday household objects by allowing people to produce them in their own homes at the cost of a few pounds. Dr Adrian Bowyer in front of a rapid prototype machine. The new system is based upon rapid prototype machines, which are now used to produce plastic components for industry such as vehicle parts. The method they use, in which plastic is laid down in designs produced in 3D on computers, could be adapted to make many household items.”NOTE: In addition to the story, there is a link to an audio file on this page

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