06w01:1 The Human Machine

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Happy New Year. – Timothy


DNA seen through the eyes of a coder | Bert Hubert
“This is just some rambling by a computer programmer about DNA. I’m not a molecular geneticist. […] I’m not trying to force my view unto the DNA – each observation here is quite ‘uncramped’. To see where I got all this from, head to the bibliography. […]DNA is not like C source but more like byte-compiled code for a virtual machine called ‘the nucleus’. It is very doubtful that there is a source to this byte compilation – what you see is all you get. The language of DNA is digital, but not binary. Where binary encoding has 0 and 1 to work with (2 – hence the ‘bi’nary), DNA has 4 positions, T, C, G and A. Whereas a digital byte is mostly 8 binary digits, a DNA ‘byte’ (called a ‘codon’) has three digits. Because each digit can have 4 values instead of 2, an DNA codon has 64 possible values, compared to a binary byte which has 256.”

Personal Identity, Neuroethics and the Human Brain | Michael S. Gazzaniga
Note: links to RAM file. Source page. A great and very illuminating presentation.

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