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A Rational Quixote | Julian Evan
“For 400 years – the first edition of the Quixote was distributed in Madrid in 1605 – his story has supplied the archetype of the bookish dreamer and the outermost comic landmark of our idealism. Yet Don Quixote’s achievement is surely greater than that. Without him, and without Cervantes’s own constant shifting between tradition and modernity, we might have remained for longer in a world of superstition and dogma. ‘Enlightenment is man’s leaving his self-caused immaturity,’ Kant wrote in 1784, 180 years after the first publication of the Quixote. ‘The motto of Enlightenment is therefore: Sapere aude! Have courage to use your own intelligence.'”

The most read novel of all times | Mireya Castaneda
“Don Quixote rides throughout time and, in its literary immensity, is the favorite work of great writers of all periods, continents and trends. It was the preferred work of Dickens, Balzac, Flaubert, Stendhal, Dostoyevsky and Galdós, and in the 20th century, of Kafka, Joyce, Proust and Faulkner. […] Scholars agree that it is a work that fascinates on account of its poetry, its extraordinary narrative universe containing all human life, its motor forces, its essential conflicts.”

Let them read Quixote | Stuart Jeffries
“The Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has printed one million copies of Don Quixote to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of Cervantes’ novel. This week they are being handed out free in public squares for the improvement of his citizens […]. So, for making this wonderful novel freely available to Venezuelans, hats off to Hugo, whose devotees incidentally are known as chavistas, but not for the reasons that link them to Wayne or Colleen. Chavez’s gesture, however, is itself Quixotic; a project as adorable and misguided as tilting at windmills. On his TV show Hello President, Chavez explained that Venezuelans should all read the book in order ‘feed ourselves once again with that spirit who went out to undo injustices in the world’.”

Don Quixote Symposium at U of T | Timothy Comeau
“This isn’t going to be a great review, only because I went out of curiosity. I haven’t read Don Quixote nor am I tempted to anytime soon. But that’s not to say that the event sucked or anything – I think if I was a Don Quixote fan I would have really liked it, but not being one, I feel that I should just be up-front about that, and I write about my experience for what it’s worth. This review is also marred by the fact that having not read it, I’m in danger of not knowing what I’m talking about, so keep that in mind. So, accept these tokens of ignorance caveat lector. So why review it in the first place? Because I like that word – ‘re-view’. Because you missed it, and I was there, I can try to fill you in, paint a picture enabling you to ‘re-view’ it.”

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