05w19:3 The Indomitable Ed Deary

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 19 number 3 (the indomitable Ed Deary)

Those who know me will know that these selections are highly biased but I think they definitely qualify as goodreads worth sharing, especially the guest posting on Chris Lloyd’s blog of letters to the Prime Minister (the tinyurl’d one). – Timothy


Sons and Uniforms | Ed Deary via Chris Lloyd
“I cannot imagine coming of age now. When I was a child the world was still stable. He was born in the shadow of Y2K – we were told that the world may even stop – and when 2000 came to Australia and we could see the live broadcast from the beaches – seeing the sun rise – I felt such a great sense of release – that the world would not stop – I tried to hide this, I remember – because Willow caught me there with a tear in my eye and she laughed at me. Well then came 911, and the litany of what has followed. These are things that we all shared – and I suppose that, in sharing them, it made them bearable.”
I’ve linked to the blog rather than the entry as all the entries are on that one page.

Guest Posting on Dear PM | Ed Deary via Chris Lloyd
“You know this sponsorship thing is sooo stupid – I mean shit how much money are we talking, a thousand here a few hundred thousand there – what’s the big freaking deal? Who doesn’t think that the government doesn’t grease wheels (nobody)? I think Stephen Harper looks like a big jerk. I would never vote for him after the stuff that he’s pulled. Maybe I don’t get it – but I don’t think that I’m in the minority – just ask some people the next time you go for your double americano from starbucks if they give a rats ass that you are sorta responsible for the misappropriation of funds run through an ad company – no, I don’t think anybody really cares. Cause, like I said, don’t people think that your doing that anyway? And that big jerk Harper, running with it like that. What a total jerk. Canada is important to me, in the morning I wake up and think that god I’m in Canada and not New York City with that old girlfriend of mine that kicked me out. I’m still mad at her cause she dumped me 4 times.”

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