05w18:1 The Face of Evil

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 18 number 1 (the face of evil)

But first, the news: RM Vaughan wrote about my Cable Project in yesterday’s National Post (Toronto Edition) and the article will appear online at RM’s blog-archive (http://rmvaughanink.blogspot.com/) in the next few days.And I redesigned the Goodreads.ca homepage a little bit, incase you’re interested.

And now, some Ann Coulter related stuff ….

Open Letter to Anyone Who Gives a Shit About Justice | Ajai Raj
“I’m writing this in response to the spectacle that occurred in the LBJ Library on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005, when Ann Coulter, a diabolical, ignorant, but nevertheless charismatic right-wing pundit, came to speak at the University of Texas at Austin. […] The title of the Daily Texan front-page story covering Ms. Coulter’s speech was ‘Arrest Made at Coulter Speech.’ You could also have caught it on CBS or in the Austin-American Statesman. The general idea is that some jackass made a scene, and Ann Coulter was also there. I am Ajai Raj, and I am a jackass.”

Sticks and Stones | The 5th Estate, CBC
“One of the most talked-about exchanges in Sticks and Stones occurred between reporter Bob McKeown and Ann Coulter and concerned Canada’s role in the Vietnam War.”

I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard | Bachem Macuno
More FYI than a goodread, it’s become famous in the past couple of weeks, with 211 comments

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