05w17:2 Di Seximus Grandis

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Pornography in Clay | Matthias Schulz
“According to Staeuble, the fragments show that the man was standing with his pelvis at a slight angle. The woman in front of him was bent forward, almost at a 90-degree angle. Another indication that the two figures belong together is the fact that they are both made to the same scale — both figures were originally just under 30 centimeters (11.7 inches) tall. The only depictions of sexual activity known until now were Greek paintings, but they were created more than 4,000 years later. Given this enormous difference in time, the Saxony find has created some confusion. Some believe it was a toy. Archäo, a professional journal, speculates that it may have been ‘chic’ to display these types of sculptures in the ‘houses of the first farmers between the Saale and Elbe rivers.’ Researchers speculate that the figure could also be evidence of a ‘fertility cult’ — a theory that sounds as straightforward as it is vague.”

Japan’s virgin wives turn to sex volunteers | Justin McCurry
“The men love their companies; they live for work,’ Mr Kim said. ‘Men don’t even think it is a problem if they don’t have sex with their wives. They have pornography and the sex industry to take care of their needs, but their wives have nowhere to go. They just suffer in silence.'”

“Libido Meter” May Be First True Sexual-Arousal Gauge | Stefan Lovgren
“The research team has informally called their test the ‘libido meter.’ So far, only people without sexual dysfunctions have been tested. Tests still need to be made with people suffering from dysfunctions. Keeping track of sexual desire may be a more serious health issue than many people realize. Sex contributes to the overall physical and mental health of a person, researchers say. ‘I think having frequent, satisfying sex keeps the hormone levels up and keeps us young, both physically and mentally,’ said Barbara Bartlik, a psychiatry professor at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York State. ”

The Porn Myth | Naomi Wolf
“Porn is, as David Amsden says, the ‘wallpaper’ of our lives now. So was she [Dworkin] right or wrong? She was right about the warning, wrong about the outcome. As she foretold, pornography did breach the dike that separated a marginal, adult, private pursuit from the mainstream public arena. The whole world, post-Internet, did become pornographized. Young men and women are indeed being taught what sex is, how it looks, what its etiquette and expectations are, by pornographic. […]But the effect is not making men into raving beasts. On the contrary: The onslaught of porn is responsible for deadening male libido in relation to real women, and leading men to see fewer and fewer women as ‘porn-worthy.’ Far from having to fend off porn-crazed young men, young women are worrying that as mere flesh and blood, they can scarcely get, let alone hold, their attention. “

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