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Death is Not the End | n + 1
“Was theory a gigantic hoax? On the contrary. It was the only salvation, for a twenty year period, from two colossal abdications by American thinkers and writers. From about 1975 to 1995, through a historical accident, a lot of American thinking and mental living got done by people who were French, and by young Americans who followed the French.”

Introduction, Dissemination, and Education | Tim Clark
“My paper examines some of the reasons for, and consequences of, the introduction and dissemination of Michel Foucault’s work in the context of writing on the visual arts in English Canada. I based my research on the premise that writing on the visual arts in Canada denotes a discursive/ socio-institutional practice. In conducting this study, I wished to know whether there are economic, political, and discursive factors that affect the productive activity of universities, museums, and serial publications. With respect-to those who incorporate the thought of Foucault in their work, I query whether their positions reflect, at the level of the narrative and argumentative structure, reading and writing patterns promoted by these institutions? Finally, I am interested in whether links can be made between economic and political factors mediated by these institutional contexts.”Article date 1991

The Order of Words | Walter Klepac
NOTE: referred to in Tim Clark’s article, from 1984

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