05w14:1 John Paul II 1978-2005

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 14 number 1 (John Paul II 1978-2005)

Some popery … I was impressed by how quickly the Vatican website was modified, and how quickly they had up the special commemorative site, linked below.

BTW, also dead – Saul Bellow and Mr. Grace Kelly. – Timothy

The strange death of Protestant England | Mark Almond
“Who would have thought the death of Rome’s supreme pontiff would interfere with the marriage plans of the next Supreme Governor of the Church of England? Until now, the royal family, prime minister and the whole establishment – defined by the 1701 Act of Settlement’s ban on anyone ‘reconciled to the bishop of Rome’ – would always have put an English wedding ahead of any Roman funeral.”

John Paul II, we loved you | The Vatican

The Vatican

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