05w10:5 Art and the Greater Good

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 10 number 5 (art and the greater good)

I was so taken with Emily’s latest article in C Magazine that I got her and C‘s permission to host it on Goodreads so that I could share it with you – Timothy


Suffering, Empathy, Art and the Greater Good | Emily Vey Duke
“The problem is that students in art schools, especially at the undergraduate level, are taught the Duchampian paradigm ‘it’s art if you say it is, and saying it’s art when it’s not artful is itself a radical act.’ They’re taught to be suspicious of the beautiful and the interesting, and to follow their quirky whims regardless of the relevance they have to anyone else. They’re also taught, without ever being explicitly told, that as soon as something is art, it’s precious. As a result, art education creates artists who believe that they don’t have to try very hard to make something of immeasurable value. This is no service to the art world. In fact, I think it’s why art is suffering such a crisis of irrelevance to the public at large. The work we’re producing is just not good enough to catch the eye of the non-art-initiated viewer, let alone to hold her attention for long enough to make her care. […] So as always, the question remains: How can we do it better?”

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