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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 8 number 2 (award this)

But first, the news:
Blogto.com is a new website dedicated to the city of Toronto and being better than the Torontoist (so cute it makes Antonia Zerbisias want to hurl), and for which I’m writing for. Last week I posted about the Untitled Art Awards, and last night I found the article on literary prizes on the This Magazine blog, and hence, I saw a theme. So, ‘On Awards’ via the blogosphere and shameless self-promotion.

As well, Jennifer McMackon is running a new series of submitted questionnaires. I sent mine in on the weekend, which you can check out here, the questions running as previous posts to that entry. – Timothy

Fiction as a winner-take-all market | Andrew Potter
“I’d like to see someone start a prize that comes with zero dollars attached. Not even a medal or a trophy. You just get some cheapo certificate, like you got in grade 6 for having perfect attendance or something. The trick would be to make it such a prestigious prize, that the very notion that mere money would accompany it would be offensive.”

The Untitled Art Awards | Timothy Comeau
“Art awards like this are merely props to support a status quo, an attempt to create a monolithic cultural identity, which is unwise, especially in a city as diverse as Toronto. It’s also unwise since monolithic cultural identities are games that Empires play, empires like USA and it’s Greek tutors, the Brits. It doesn’t fit Canada at all, and seems like another example of the Canadian streak of insecure provincialism.”

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