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Stuck still | John Elledge
“Instead, it has all been endless nostalgia, cultural flashbacks since. Retro fads, I love 1960s, I love 1970s, I love 1980s, music designed by committee rather than those with something to say, reality TV that involves no creativity almost by definition, britpop, boybands, girlbands, remixes, remakes, New Labour, New Democrats, nu-metal ? none of which had much new about them ? and a regression to 1950s paranoia and values in the US. No new tunes, just variations on a theme. This is not the ranting of a middle-aged guy complaining that the great days are behind us […] I was born in 1980. I have spent ten years waiting for my generation’s cultural zeitgeist ? not, admittedly, doing much in the way of creating it myself ? but found nothing but commercialised music and a hundred splintered interest groups with nothing to bind them but the use of the Internet. It says something that one of what passed for the fads of 2004 was for ‘eclectic’ DJs ? they created nothing new, they merely rearranged the old in a more interesting way. “

We Hate the 80’s | Jeff Leeds
“‘The 80’s nostalgia was starting to roll in, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute! Did you people actually listen to the same decade I did? You had eight years of Reagan. There was cocaine everywhere. There were yuppies. We were oppressed by this whole notion of baby boomers trying to cash out.’ At past parties, attended by people wearing parachute pants and Members Only jackets, local bands performed their most hated 80’s memories on Casio keyboards, which they promptly demolished at the end of their set. ‘One year,’ he recalled, ‘a performer called Evil Pappy Twin played Van Halen covers on a classical Renaissance lute.’ In any case, the clock is running out. Whether you love it or hate it, the second coming of the 80’s has already lasted almost as long as the original decade – unheard of in the ever-quickening cycles of cultural nostalgia. Mr. Hirschorn of VH1 admits that ‘the early 80’s are sort of getting long in the tooth.’ Besides which, the 90’s – remember them? – are ready for their retouched close-up. “

Dead Disco | Metric
“Dead disco / Dead funk / Dead rock and roll / Remodel / Everything has been done / La la la la la la la la la la ”

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