05w06:1 The Good Reader in the White House

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Of George W. Bush, we may often think of this quote of Mark Twain: “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” And yet, apparently Bush does read. Although a few years ago he told reporters that his favorite book was a children’s story, and while he is now historically associated with My Pet Goat an enthralling tale which he couldn’t drag himself away from that Tuesday morning, lately he’s found new books other than the Bible to proselytize about. – Timothy


The odd couple | The Economist
“Yet for the past few months this paragon of good ol’ boy common sense has been infatuated with a book about an abstract noun by a Jewish intellectual. Mr Bush recommends Natan Sharansky’s ‘The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror’ (Public Affairs) to almost everyone he meets (including Condoleezza Rice, who mentioned the book during her opening remarks at her Senate confirmation hearing). Nine days after winning re-election he spent over an hour discussing the book in the White House with Mr Sharansky himself. The meeting must have sounded extraordinary, given Mr Sharansky’s thick Russian accent and Mr Bush’s Texan drawl. But by all accounts they got on famously. “

White House Letter: Why is Bush reading Tom Wolfe? Don’t ask | Elisabeth Bumiller
“What the official list omits in Tom Wolfe’s racy new beer-and-sex soaked novel, ‘I am Charlotte Simmons’. The president, a Wolfe fan, has not only read the book but is enthusiastically recommending it to friends.”

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