05w05:1 Gay Marriage

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 5 number 1 (gay marriage)

This morning’s The Current was awesome, so today’s Goodread is a link to their shows’ archive. The show is available in 3 seperate Real Audio clips.

——————————————————————— Gay Marriage | The Current
“I’m encouraged by the majority in favour, particularly the Catholic majority in favour of the legislation, but [through] my own work as an oral historian … I see everywhere and always that life is much more complex richer and diverse than pollsters and some politicians and ever some journalists … would like us to think. And I think some people want to control that complexity and richness, to restrict and limit it but it’s my impression living in the country that nature doesn’t take kindly to that, that it loves the exuberance of diversity. Having said that, I can acknowledge that there are certainly people in rural areas in my experience who are slow to adapt changes, frightened by change, but I think that also true (I’ve certainly encountered people) in the cities who are similarly afraid of change. And I think, to me that’s more of what this divide is about. It’s about fearing diversity and unpredictability and the sort of chaos of nature versus embracing it. “– Micheal Riordon, 12.27/24.00 of Part 2
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