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Those of you in Montreal will be familiar with Roadsworth, the stencil artist who has made a name for himself by decorating the streets and getting arrested at the end of November. If you’re a regular reader of the Zeke’s Gallery blog, you’ll also be familiar with the story, as Chris Hand has been coordinating the effort of publicizing his predicament. This issue of Goodreads reproduces an article on the subject that was published last week in the Globe and Mail, and links to one of the Chris’ entries where he offers a 6MB mp3 file of an interview he did on a Montreal radio station. – Timothy


When the stencil his the road | Reid Cooper
“The seriousness of the charges and the potential punishment, however, has to be seen in light of the overwhelming support for Roadsworth’s images. Chris Hand, the director of Zeke’s Gallery on the Plateau, who is organizing public support for Gibson through his webpage, says he was ‘surprised about how many people thought the art had been done by the city.’ Bernard Lamarche, writer for Montreal’s Le Devoir, says ‘It is absolutely shocking that there is a criminal attitude against his art. They should hire him to do more of this around the city to acknowledge their supposed willingness to be a cultural centre.’ Jonathan Achtman, a resident of the Plateau says the art ‘makes the streets more pleasant. By arresting him instead of aligning themselves with him, the city has squandered an opportunity to show itself as the progressive city that I like to think I live in.’ Even the political adviser to the Mayor of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, Richard Coté says, ‘Roadsworth’s work makes people smile.'”

More Free Roadsworth | Chris Hand
within the text there is the link to the audio file

Roadsworth Gallery | Mike Patten and Zeke’s Gallery
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