04w52:1 Zeke's Gallery Interview with Marc Mayer

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 52 number 1 (Zeke’s Gallery interview with Marc Mayer)

The goodreads.ca homepage uses Blogger to archive the posts. I did this way back in May so that I could provide RSS feeds, and because it has a feature where you can email your posts, so by putting that e-address in the mailing list, I could automatically archive the emails. As many of you know, Blogger offers the ability to leave comments, which I have had off until now. Since the weekend, you can leave comments on the goodreads.ca homepage regarding any links or issues you may have.
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Remember the time you spent almost ten dollars on that issue of Harpers or the Walrus and were disappointed? Remember the time I got in trouble because I didn’t tip enough to the lousy waiter for bad service, especially when they’re already making a wage, but then there was the time I tipped the cab driver out of sympathy even though he took the longest route and effectively ripped me off? Now, remember that great article you read about some time ago on Goodreads?

I don’t have a wage and have all the debts associated with being chronically underemployed, so I think tapping on the tip jar at Christmas time is something I should feel no shame or embarrassment in. Please consider a small amount to help me help you into the new year. There is a PayPal link on the goodreads.ca homepage, or email me for my address if you’d like to send a cheque. If we are comrades in poverty, or you’re a newbie subscriber, than don’t worry about it.

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My interview with Marc Mayer | Chris Hand
“Artists are important contributors to our intellectual life. Forget all that stuff about how art contributes to spiritual life, or quality of life, or even pleasure, artists bring new information into the world from the unique perspective of the visual arts heritage and the growing set of tools at their disposal. We learn things that we can’t learn anywhere else, that we can’t learn from philosophy, from science, from nowhere. […] Canadians need to buy Canadian art, it’s the best investment they can make. […] The art world functions in very different ways in different countries, when it works well, there’s a strong market that supports many artists and there’s a strong cultural infrastructure that permits a certain independence for institutions to identify and explain the really great stuff as a service to the public and to posterity. […] [Other country’s] artists have a big collector, connoisseur and commentary machine behind them and so smart people from those countries who want to be artists have a shot at a bright future, though it’s only possible for a small few, even there. In any case, I view the current art economy in Canada as an interim situation. We can’t go on forever like this. We need to encourage a national market, like, now.”

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