04w50:1 Frank Zappa on Crossfire

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 50 number 1 (Frank Zappa on Crossfire)

A trip back to 1986 revisiting the censorship debates of the time. I have a feeling this video has recently been posted on iFilm because Zappa at one point says that the country is heading toward a fascistic theocracy. This debate on limiting freedom of speech itself validates freedom of speech, because Zappa is so reasonable and the other guest(John Lofton) makes an ass of himself, which is more devasting in my mind to just having him shut up. And who is John Lofton? Info on him is here, http://www.hisglory.us/articles/lofton_bio.htm where you’ll find this, which pretty much explains everything: “And he never went to college which is why he is so smart.” – Timothy


Frank Zappa on Crossfire | iFilm
Real Media stream, 21.18 min

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