04w48:2 The Proposed Changes to the Canada Council

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 48 number 2 (The proposed changes to the Canada Council)


Is the horse dead yet? | Chris Hand
“What Canadian Visual Artist can compare with the reputations that Celine, Gould or the OSM have on an international level? The past two Canadian representatives to the Venice Biennale have done really bad electro-acoustic music and appropriated George W. Bush’s Christmas Card to the American public as what they thought was ‘cutting edge Canadian Art.’

From this seat, if the visual artists out there would stop worrying about the chump change doled out by the Canada Council, get their acts together and set up a meeting with Liza Frulla (or better still, Paul Martin) then perhaps they’d be able to convince the holders of the purse strings that the Canada Council should be giving out scads of cash.

As I don’t see that happening, ever. The only other way that I can see visual artists making the money that they deserve is by selling it. Part and parcel of the process of selling it, is displaying it, marketing it, promoting it, etc.”

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