04w46:1 John Ralston Saul on Journalism and Public Debate

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 46 number 1 (John Ralston Saul on Journalism and Public Debate)

This is really great. – Timothy


Inaugural Joseph Howe Lecture | John Ralston Saul
“If we look around at the 20 odd western democracies, we can see that they are the best-educated societies civilization has ever seen. […] What’s more, we live more than 75 percent longer than we were living 100 years ago. That means we have a great deal more time. We are not in any rush. […] So here we are with high education, long life, stability and fairness. That suggests that there is no need for enmity. No need for false populism. No need for malevolent division or unnecessary division. There is certainly no need for yellow journalism and false populism. And we have another advantage -– all this remarkable technology. It doesn’t make us think any faster, but it allows us to get the nuts and bolts of life into place a great deal faster than ever before. That means we have even more time to educate ourselves, to live, to be stable, to be fair, and above all to think and to discuss and to argue. ”

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