04w41:1 The Cutting Edge Becomes Dull, Needs a Sharpener

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 41 number 1 (the cutting edge becomes dull, needs a sharpener)


From…Early 21st Century Art (New York: Kramer Publishing 2035) | Tom Moody
“The death of so-called site specific art came in 2004, at a talked-about show most people never saw.”

The TAAFI Panel on the Avant-Garde | Sally McKay and Guests
“‘I did not really expect a group of pundits with careers embedded in fine art and it’s discourse to dismiss the field with such an apparent lack of anxiety.’ So bored were they by their work in the arts, the gala soirees and seminars of their art fairs … so bored is Mr. Monk with his basically cultural civil servant position and salary, he doesn’t think he could recognize the avant garde – how tragic to be so dissapointed in one’s life work. Either that or he just likes walking around blindfolded. Pin the tail on the Donkey or play ball! – desolee (guest) 10-05-2004 9:21 am”

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