04w40:2 Lawrence Lessig and the guy who cut off his arm

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 40 number 2 (lawrence lessig and the guy who cut off his arm)

——————————————————————— Our Kids Are in Big Trouble | Lawrence Lessig
“But future generations can’t picket. They can’t demand a vote. And the only war on us that they will wage is one of hatred when they recognize what we have done. […] It may always have been like this. I don’t believe in ‘golden age’ histories; the past was not always better than the present. But somehow it seems that we have lost an ethic. When your grandfather spoke of building a better world for you than he knew himself, you believed him. And when you look into the eyes of any 1-year-old child, you may understand what he meant. Which makes it even harder to understand how we’ve become who we are. The Me Generation – which elected the first two presidents to have actively avoided military service (Clinton and Bush) and which will decide this election, too – is in charge, but it has taken its name much too seriously. Gone is the sense of duty that made so compelling Kennedy’s demand ‘ask what you can do for yo ur country.’ We don’t even ask what we, as a nation, can do for our kids. The rhetoric of self-interest so deeply pervades politics that an ideal as fundamental as building a better future has been lost.”

Ralston’s choice | Aron Ralston
“I’ve created a mess once again. To brush the dirt off my trapped arm, away from the open wound, I pick up my knife. Sweeping the grit off my thumb, I accidentally gouge myself and rip away a thin piece of decayed flesh. It peels back like a skin of boiled milk before I catch what is going on. I already knew my hand had to be decomposing. Without circulation, it has been dying since I became entrapped. Whenever I considered amputation, it had always been under the premise that the hand was dead and would have to be amputated once I was freed. But I hadn’t known how fast the putrefaction had advanced since Saturday afternoon.”

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