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Business embarks on design revolution | Harvey Schachter
“‘I would argue that to be successful in the future, business people will have to become more like designers,’ he writes in Rotman Management. ‘This shift creates a huge challenge, as it will require entirely new kinds of education and training, since until now, design skills have not been explicitly valued in business.’ His comments come as The Harvard Business Review, in its look at breakthrough business ideas for 2004, suggests that the MFA — Masters of Fine Arts degree — has become the new MBA, essential currency for a business career.”

Is MBA degree a sham? | Ellen Roseman
“Last year, the Harvard Business Review asked 200 business intellectuals who they admired most. Peter Drucker got the most mentions, but Mintzberg wasn’t far behind. This well-known academic no longer works with full-time MBA students. He thinks teaching methods are outdated and irrelevant. ‘Management is a practice that has to blend a good deal of craft (experience) with a certain amount of art (insight) and some science (analysis),’ he says in the 460-page book, which expands on views he has held for years. Current management education over-emphasizes the science — using case studies and analytical models — and results in a new style of ‘heroic’ managing that Mintzberg calls ‘pervasive and destructive.'”

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