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Good Reads Mailing List | 2004 week 18 number 4 (party hardy)


The rise of (p)arty monsters | R.M. Vaughan
“‘While the social aspect of displaying art has always been an important part of the process, the rise of art spaces that are more like hipster Romper Rooms makes many in the art community nervous — is their work becoming mere decoration for an inattentive crowd of fun seekers? And what happens when the party winds down? Does anyone even remember the work? Ottawa-based artist Eliza Griffiths worries about the decline of conversation at openings — even in Ottawa, the capital of chit-chat. ‘It’s not as bad here as Toronto, yet, but I’ve noticed this party atmosphere happening more and more in Ottawa. And I love to party, but in a club or somebody’s home. These party-openings do a disservice to the art, and for the actual artist, it’s sometimes a letdown, because when you show new work you want to hear feedback, watch people’s reactions, eavesdrop, but now you don’t get that because people are there for the event. Call me old-fashioned, but I like talking about the work. I can go to a club for music and dancing.’ ‘”

“Islets” and Utopia | Nicholas Bourriaud
“‘It is not for the artist to determine the modes of application of the spaces they build: they do nothing more than build ‘models’ which are either realized or not. (…) This time does not lack political projects, only the means by which to implement them. The dominant form during the French Revolution was the ‘assemblee’, and during the Russian Revolution, the ‘soviet’. Then there was the demonstration, the sit-in, etc. Our time lacks the forms necessary to express our political projects, or to even bring them forth. Today’s dominant form -which is not political – is that of the ‘free party’ or ‘rave’, that of a spontaneous and momentous assembly of individuals around the same goal, who occupy a place not envisaged for that purpose’.” Translated from French by Timothy Comeau. Original article here.

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