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Financial woes could close Atlantic arts mag | Phlis McGregor
“Atlantic Canada’s visual-arts community is watching anxiously, as a growing financial crisis surrounding Arts Atlantic magazine may jeopardize the future of the 27-year-old publication. […] The magazine, which relies on subscriptions, advertising and government grants to stay afloat, has suffered from a both a rising debt load and the elimination of some of its grants. The lack of revenue has forced the magazine to temporarily shut down production. These troubles are similar to those at many other Canadian magazines, said Gordon Laurin, chair of the magazine’s board. ”

For $47.5-million, these Rooms should be full |Lisa Moore
“Here’s the situation: We have a brand new $47.5-million facility in the heart of downtown St. John’s that would rival any arts centre in Canada. It is magnificently designed, offers gorgeous exhibition space, expert curatorial staff, state-of-the-art conservation laboratories and atmospherically controlled storage space. For more than a year, the staff of each of the three divisions of The Rooms have been working to create innovative arts and educational programming. They have been packing up the province’s substantial art collection, as well as museum artifacts and archival holdings for the big move to the new site. There was to be a gala opening this June. And now that everything is all packed up and ready to go, the opening of The Rooms has been cancelled for at least a year, as many as 30 staff members have been handed pink slips and more layoffs are scheduled for the near future.”

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