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‘Yo, can u plz help me write English? | Steve Friess
“Carl Sharp knew there was a problem when he spotted his 15-year-old son’s summer job application: ‘i want 2 b a counselor because i love 2 work with kids. ‘That night, the father in Phoenix removed the AOL Instant Messenger program from the family computer and informed both his children they were no longer to chat with friends online. […] Writer David Samson of Beverly Hills, Calif., notices the same problem. Teenage fans of his humor books e-mail him and show little regard for formality. He cites one note: ‘yo mr dave can u plz write me a funny speech about any animal cause i need it for school.’ ‘They seem to avoid every rule I was ever taught about how to get a response from anybody, especially an adult,’ says Samson, 51 … ”

MSN Spoken Here | Charles Foran
“Two qualities of text messaging make it unique. First, where most street argots are particular to a society, this one is fast becoming universal. Its ‘street,’ so to speak, is a vast one — the World Wide Web. Second, for all its resemblances to oral speech, text messaging isn’t spoken. It is written and, even then, hardly in the traditional sense. It exists solely on the computer or cell-phone screen, and is meant to be as ephemeral as an unrecorded, real-time conversation. ”

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