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It’s Time, Once Again, To Kill The Past | Charlie Finch
“In 2002, nobody gives a shit if you were once insulted by Barbara Kruger. She is old hat, and so is the star system of art which arose in the past 40 years of the last millennium. […] What the young artists need is exile: get out of New York, get out of London, get out of Berlin, find your own place […] cream over yourself and your personal circle, without hungering for validation from above…”(Article date: 20 Sept 2002)

How an Art Scene Became a Youthscape | Benjamin Genocchio
“Mr. Reich says that for the younger dealers the art business is less about making money than about expressing the values and experiences of his generation. ‘It’s all about being happy about whatever you can be happy about,’ he said. ‘My generation grew up in a time when we didn’t have heroes. You grew up believing you were being hoodwinked and manipulated — and knowing you were, but learning to enjoy it because it came in fun colors or was on MTV. ‘The bottom line,’ he added, ‘was that I really wanted to have a gallery, and sometimes you just have to start doing something with whatever you have at your disposal.'”
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