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Criticize, Don’t Vandalize | Roger Kimball
“We are often told that establishment taste is parochial, obtuse and unreceptive to novelty. Since ‘transgressive,’ morally decadent art is the establishment taste of today, the good Swedish bureaucrats overseeing the exhibition doubtless expected all who gazed upon Snow White to demonstrate their sophistication by confining their response to appreciation or at least silence.”

Talking Bacteria: The work of Bonnie Bassler | Marguerite Holloway
“Quorum sensing, as this phenomenon is called, is a young science. Until recently, no one thought bacteria talked to one another, let alone in ways that changed their behavior, and Bassler has been instrumental in the field’s rapid ascension. She has figured out some of the dialects–the genetic and molecular mechanisms different species use–but is best known for identifying what might be a universal language all species share, something she has jokingly referred to as ‘bacterial Esperanto.'”

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