05w29:3 Traffic Engineering

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Good Reads Mailing List | 2005 week 29 number 3 (traffic engineering)

Thanks to Matt Crookshank for this Goodreads suggestion – Timothy


Road design? He calls it a revolution | Sarah Lyall
“It was, basically, a bare brick square. But in spite of the apparently anarchical layout, the traffic, a steady stream of trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians, moved along fluidly and easily, as if directed by an invisible conductor. When Monderman, a traffic engineer and the intersection’s proud designer, deliberately failed to check for oncoming traffic before crossing the street, the drivers slowed for him. No one honked or shouted rude words out the window. ‘Who has the right of way?’ he asked rhetorically. ‘I don’t care. People here have to find their own way, negotiate for themselves, use their own brains.'”

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