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Ken Lochhead, an apolitical portrait | Tony Martins
“In a country composed of powerful regions, Lochhead feels the key challenge for Canadian artists and cultural innovators is ‘to make our way through political boundaries? The arts world is loaded with politics, unfortunately. Everybody?s fighting for power, and not just between east and west but also between north and south.’ […] Though his teaching career is over, Lochhead is not in line with the current direction taken in university art programs, where ‘history is quite second fiddle to theory now.’ For Lochhead, this theoretical emphasis also spills over into much of contemporary art, where irony-rich postmodernism means ‘we’re explaining the jokes.’ Lochhead prefers an approach to meaning that is more coherent and yet more veiled. He offers a telling quotation to help explain: ‘If you want to be a painter, you must first cut off your tongue.'”RELATED: Kenneth Lochhead at the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art database site.

Rajkamal Kahlon
“For this body of work, Rajkamal Kahlon has created a series of paintings using Cassell’s Illustrated History of India, published in 1875. Employing the book’s illustrations as a base, Kahlon paints on the actual book pages, creating a charged, fragmented narrative about Indian history and its colonial past. By unbinding the pages from the book, Kahlon’s gouache paintings tell a new story of brutality, power, and the possibilities of survival.”

The only thing I can really paint well is anger | Hanno Rauterberg
“But he was never someone to paint for himself alone, for the sake of his soul. ‘I’m no loner. I want my pictures to be seen. I want them to provoke.’ He says this with such certainty that one might conclude he was a painter of solutions, that his art was one of formulas and rousing public appeals. […] ‘Avant-garde,’ he scoffs, ‘has long been a pallid cliche. The idea of the artist as outsider and genius, a fountain of creativity, with no need for teachers or rules, spurting originality till he drops, is complete nonsense!’ […] Heisig’s personal artistic biography is a story of vicissitudes: obstinate forging ahead and abrupt falling on his face. ‘I was a sort of child genius’, he explains. ‘Even before I could read and write, I could draw brilliantly. So well that my father, a painter himself, found it almost impossible to teach me anything.’ Of course it made sense, once the war was over, to apply to art school.”NOTE: This is a profile on the German painter, Bernhard Heisig, included here as FYI, answering the question: what’s up with ex-Nazi artists? Worth it for the laugh of its internal contradictions, as noted above.

“Here is the first direct picture of the surface of a star other than our Sun. Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1995, the atmosphere of Betelgeuse reveals some unexpected features, including a large bright hotspot visible below the center. “

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